Fraternity Life

Wellspring Visitation 2016

It was time for Visitation once more! One of the challenges at Wellspring is to remind all that we do not keep a Treasury log. Because we are so small, we really do not have a bank account, nor do we have ongoing expenses. Whenever there is an expense (the website annual fee or the per capita) we simply collect it from the members and issue a personal check. So as far as any other challenges, that is pretty much it. We always hope that our unique charisma is acknowledged and respected and it has been quite a few year now since we have been encouraged by our wonderful REC to continue the work that we are doing.

Patrick Mendes was in attendance and enjoyed the lovely lunch.

Here are some members of our fraternity (from left to right): Sister Dorothy Pagosa, our Spiritual Assistant; Diane, who makes awesome lunch awesome; Susan, our soon to be professed candidate; and Barb, who is digging into that pumpkin pie like there is no tomorrow.

Wellspring’s guard dog, Keltie, is inspecting our Regional Minister’s hand. We thoroughly enjoyed having Lorna Miressi visiting us.

By Aventurita

Lover of coffee and chocolate. Secular Franciscan. Travel daydreamer. Cat Lady loved by an overprotective dog. Deanly Writer.

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