OFS and Stance on Racism

We have enclosed the document sent by the National Fraternity regarding the violent racist acts that continue to plague our country. By now, you have seen dozens of statements taking a stance against racism and expressing solidarity with the BLM movement. Very few of those statements have contained concrete actions to take as companies, organizations, or institutions. Racism is a systemic issue and as such it must be dismantled for it has no place in our community.

We are glad to see that the OFS JPIC statement is urging specifically to “do”:

As Catholic Christians and Franciscans, we owe it to ourselves to do the following in response to racism:

 To identify and eradicate the structures in our societal institutions that perpetuate racism, and replace them with structures that are fair and just, and that value the lives and gifts of every person.

 To pray for an end to racism; indeed, to pray for interracial solidarity, for our laws and our faith practices to reflect our compassion and value for the dignity of every human life; and that we lovers and followers of Jesus and Francis of Assisi, be leaders in bringing about a rightly informed sense of racial equity and justice in our land and in our Church.

 To identify and confront our own unconscious racial biases. After a shared history of hundreds of years in this country, we all have them. They make their way into our lives and culture, often unnoticed. But we can become more just and open by discovering these unconscious biases and replace them with love and engagement.

We may not be sure right now what each of these responses will require of us but know that no matter what, it is important that we be joyful, humble, and prayerful as we tackle the work necessary to be better leaders, better Franciscans, better Christians.

The work begins within us….



Wellspring fraternity wishes all of you a great 2019!

Peace and all good!


Feast of Our Lady of the Angels of the Portiuncula


You and Your Family and Friends are cordially invited to this Franciscan Gathering hosted by the Mother Cabrini Region of Secular Franciscans on Saturday, August 4, 2018. It will be held at:

Mayslake Village

1801 35th Street

Oak Brook, Illinois



Robert M. Hutmacher, OFM has been a Franciscan friar since 1968 and was ordained a priest in 1979. Music has been his life since he was 4 and flowed through his education. He holds degrees in sociology, an M.Div. in theology and liturgy from Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, and the MA in music and liturgical studies from the University of Notre Dame. Music studies were also done at the University of Memphis, Quincy University, Northland College along with the private study of harp and piano.

He has recorded 13 collections, the most recent being The Nature Suite, recorded in Italy in 2015 and released numerous compositions through five U.S. and Italian publishers. He was the founder and artistic director of Chiesa Nuova for 17 years, a Franciscan ministry devoted to the performing arts; Chiesa Nuova presented over 530 artists since 1996 all over the U.S. and Europe. He has concertized throughout the U.S., Canada, Italy, Germany, and Singapore. Friar Bob has been associated with St. Peter’s in the Loop since 1993 and was Director of Worship there until 2012. A resident at St. Peter’s he presently serves as an assistant at Ascension Parish, Oak Park, and continues to compose, inspire and bring people to God through liturgy, preaching, the arts and a great sense of humor.


8:30 a.m. Registration

9:00 a.m. Mass

9:45 a.m. Continental Breakfast

10:15 a.m. The Porziuncula – Its History

11:45 a.m. Break

12:00 p.m Lunch (see below)

1:15 p.m. Transformation in the Lives of Francis and Clare

2:15 p.m. Break

2:30 p.m. Evening Prayer


(You can bring your own lunch if you prefer)

PLEASE RSVP BY FRATERNITY TO Susan Gribbon, OFS, by July 28, 2018



It will help us a lot if fraternities could have one person call with the total for
your group. Many thanks for your understanding and assistance! RSVP to
Susan Gribbon, OFS by calling 847-358-3158 or emailing her at by July 28, 2018.



It’s a New Year!

For all the beautiful things that happened this year, we give praise. For those we lost but were gained by Heaven, we give thanks. For a new year full of love and blessings, we pray!

Happy New Year to All!


Day of Recollection 


2017 Mother Cabrini Region Study Day/Leadership Workshop & Season of Creation celebration! 

Creation is one of the pillars of our Franciscan Spirituality and this year’s theme is fitting for a celebration of our amazing universe. 

When: Saturday September 16th, 2017, 8:30am – 3:30pm.

Where: Mayslake Village at 1801 35th Street Oakbrook, Illinois, 60523.

Lunch Cost: $15 (no charge if you bring your own)

All are welcome! A formal agenda will be distributed closer to the event… please RSVP no later than FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th to or by calling 630.247.4057. Be sure to include name and fraternity when responding.




To all of us, a reminder that our brothers and sisters of creation need our stewardship, now more than ever. May we be faithful to the example of Francis, to the gospel.


Spiritual Journeys–April

Peoples! We are almost at Easter….If you are interested in visiting with us, we will hold our next meeting on Saturday, April 11th. Contact us for details. Or reply here. Anyway, I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter!


A much needed update and Lent plans

GAH! I have been bad and not updated our site in months. For that, I apologize to you all. We have been very busy, and traveling a lot!

But, yes, we are still here and working on our lenten plans.

Retiree is doing penance in Phoenix, because you know, the cold is not conducive to prayer. hahaha. Anyway, we will see her in a month when she returns from her Chicagoless vacation. Zookeeper is still bussing kids around and taking care of the zillion dogs and cats she owns. I am not sure how How is keeping her lent, but perhaps reading something on Ignatius. Dr. B is busy working, no rest for the weary. Dorothy is somewhere in the country, but we hope to see her back with us at our next fraternity meeting.

Ya’ll, we have a new candidate and she is awesome.

So, if you are interested in checking us out, please email us at  You can dip your toe in by coming to our Interfaith dialogue on the second Saturday of each month, Spiritual Journeys. You do not have to be a member of the fraternity or of anything, for that matter. I will be sharing on my experience with the Three Kings. It was amazing!

By the way, what are you doing for Lent?


Feast of the Portiuncula at Mayslake

Cricket and Jerry Aull, members of the OFS Saint Francis, joined the Cabrini Region in today’s feast of La Portiuncula. The theme, Following Francis:
Being the Merciful and Joyful Presence of God.

What follows are notes on the presentations led by Cricket Aull with a little music (amazing voice!) by Jerry Aull. Unfortunately, he had to leave to another engagement:

We are all called to live a life of simplicity, purity, and obedience in the footsteps of Saint Francis.

Simplicity is key. How much do things get in the way of living the merciful presence of God?

Purity. How are we to practice purity, especially interiorly? Detaching ourselves of earthly things to make us more aware of God’s presence.

Obedience. Do we try not to avoid burdensome things? Things that will help us stay humble? Francis and his brothers embraced them with joy because they knew it would draw them closer to Christ.

We make promises to live simply (clearing the path so that God can dwell in us). We make promises to live purely (clearing the path for God’s presence in us). We make promises to live in obedience (so that we embrace that which brings us closer to God).

Jerry–A challenge to cyberfast (advice from Ilia Delio. I, of course, was taking notes and tweeting)! Are we accustomed to doing all the talking when we are in the presence of God? Are we learning to discern the still small voice yearning to guide us?

Cricket continued: The three loves: Love to be emptied of self, love of purity, love of service. What gets in the way of us having a merciful heart? Think of the word “stop”:
S: surrender to God in all He is doing.
T: Trust in God and Turn everything into a reflection of God’s presence in us.
O: Obey? Observe? Offer? Openness? Omnipotence? Outpouring? Other?
P: Prayer with Thanksgiving. Peace. Praise. Presence. Perseverance.

Part II

What gets in the way of our joy? What do we need to do differently? Strive towards the beauty of God. Sufferings, sisters, called them Francis. He bore them joyfully and thanked God for everything. What are three characteristics of Francis that are most appealing and effective in the world? Which ones do we need to work on as followers of Francis? If Francis came to visit your family, what would he appreciate the most?

The story of the small piece of the Eucharist and hearing in her prayer, Am I not fully present in the smallest piece of the Eucharist? Yes. Then be fully present in the smallest things that you do.

Check their website for more details: The Aull’s

“I became the prayer he could not say”….


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