Spiritual Journeys

Wellspring sponsors a monthly meeting dedicated to interfaith dialogue and exploration of our individual spiritual journey. We come together, people of different faiths and backgrounds, to share and learn together about the wonders and perils of walking the path to the divine.

Spiritual Journeys draws together diverse people from different faith backgrounds to share and learn from one another’s richness. The group has been in existence for fourteen years and has served to anchor many members’ lives in an ongoing search for spiritual growth within their own faith tradition. All participants are aware that we are Franciscans; we have attracted people from all traditions: Jewish, Buddhists, and other Christian denominations. The experience in this group is deeply enriching.

We invite you to share your spiritual journey with us. Each person, no matter how they are called by the Spirit, is moving to the convergence of One Spirit. It is a time to recognize our uniqueness and our oneness in this cosmic adventure.

What is the value of this faith sharing?

1. It is a place for people who want to live a spiritual life and be fully attuned tot their own spiritual dimension.

2. It is a community of support that calls us to be responsive to the Spirit.

3. Franciscan spirituality calls us to see how universal truths form a frame of reference for our sharing: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity…what is the basic human sense of one’s spiritual wellbeing?


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