Mother Cabrini Region

Mother Cabrini Region

So there was a tornado…cell phone emergency alarms were going off…but we were not scared by it!

By Aventurita

Lover of coffee and chocolate. Secular Franciscan. Travel daydreamer. Cat Lady loved by an overprotective dog. Deanly Writer.

2 replies on “Mother Cabrini Region”

Hi hope all is well.I’m still very interested to join Secular Franciscan Order.Can you please let me know how I go about the way to do that.I teach Religious Education on Saturdays 0900-1130.My phone # 312 213 2685 and you have my email address.Thank you                                        Sincerely                                         Richard Wilus

Hi there! We will give you a call soon to chat. Our fraternity meetings are in the afternoon so maybe you can make it to one of those. We are currently reading Franciscan Prayer by Ilia Delio for our ongoing formation.

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