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We hope your Lent is going well.


Lent is here already? Seriously? I have not even had a chance to think about what my Lenten activities will be! Do you have some ideas to share?

I really don’t like the idea of “giving up”. I do not even like the phrase on principle. I prefer to do something. But “something” is vague, indefinite, shapeless. What to do? I have been so busy I have not had the time to stop and….aaaaahhhh, maybe that is a good idea. To stop. I should stop and….

–Go to mass. I used to go to daily mass back in my younger days. Sometimes more than once a day (I was so hard core ya’ll!). I miss those times. My days seemed more focused then. More intentional.

–“Finish a book” reading project. I have 42 books on my night table. I have 10 started but not finished. I keep starting to read…

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Francis in a college classroom

Several years ago, I was inspired by a colleague to think about a service/learning course that would link the classroom to my faith community. Why could I not do the same? I thought we could read Franciscan literature and history and theology and then see how Franciscan spirituality was manifested in the real world. I finally got to launch this course in the Fall on 2012. 


I assigned the following readings: Dante’s Paradiso, Bonaventure’s Life of Francis, Leonardo Boff’s Francis a Model of Human Liberation, and the various Rules and Admonitions found in the Western Classics Anthology. I would love to review all of these at a later date. I think our students enjoyed the readings but Dante proved to be a little bit, I don’t know, not so exciting for them. HAHAHHAH!


The projects we undertook were visits to our Wellspring Fraternity, Brookfield Zoo (our roving naturalist Mary H was absolutely fantastic and transformative!), the Transitus, the McQuard Center, and the Good Mourning Program hosted by Rainbow Hospice.  I believe they enjoyed all of these tremendously. 


All in all, I think I learned a lot. Teaching a subject I thought I knew has been a revelatory experience. I have been transformed deeply by this experience. I learned a lot about Francis, about how our students can be still idealistic, devout and dedicated to a life of faith and the practice of love, about my own shortcomings and how much I have taken for granted. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to teach this course. 

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Today we are in…

And we begin our new site here

Hello everyone! Wellspring has just moved its website here. Because the Webmistress is so crazy busy these days, she is not updating as often as she would like BUT there are so many things to share….New Year’s Resolution? Yes, yes and yes. Thank you for coming to see us….